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Host a Scarf & Jewellery Party

It’s simple. You order a total of 50 – a combination of scarves, bags, earrings & necklaces. You then host your closest friends for an at home where you share stories, show your inspirational video, and enjoy each other’s company. 

As a hostess , you play a giant role in ending the cycle of poverty. The parties have an enormous impact on the lives of Nepali women and their children, as they have found  self-reliance (mothers) and education (daughters).  

  • You will receive important information and success stories.
  • You are gifted with a minimum of 10 scarves

Two ways to become a Hostess:

  1. On-Line Option

R egister using the “hostess optional on-line” on the form below. You then host an online Facebook party (we will help you set this up) and promote the products. Over the course of a couple of  weeks, you can buy your name, and you can feel good about your purchases!

  1. Home or Office Option

R egister using the “event hostess option” on the form below. We will  contact you to send your inventory. You receive all the necessary material for your event; products and  success stories of Tharu mothers. This is the Tupper Ware Party and allows you to gather for inspiration.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.
Thank you for your involvement! You will change a woman’s life!

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