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HER: The Tharu Women’s Journey to Freedom : includes shipping


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Product Description

Development work can be life-giving or create dependency, robbing the people we want to help their innate capacity to thrive. IWEN, our Canadian Registered Charity, believes that it is our self-reliance. Our charity believed to be very easy to learn and practice Almost ten years later, we’ve seen many success stories that inspires us to tears. Through the medium of inspiring photographs and texts,the story of the woman’s freedom from bondage to self-reliance and empowerment is told. Their growing family and village lives.

Be part of our 13 cent miracle by pre-ordering this extraordinary book of courage and perseverance.

—— THE BOOK ——

The Tharu, a marginalized Nepalese ethnicity were freed from indentured labor in 2000 with the abolishment of the Kamaiya System. Despite their free status, they are left alone and poor, but triumphed in their journey to freedom with dignity and self-respect. How? The 13 cent miracle.

Mother’s microcredit groups were crucial for self-reliance. Their stories are written in these photos of their daily lives before and after their liberation. This book takes you to the heart of Nepal. Tharu women. The March 2016, Gadhawa, Dang photographs are the result of a dream to honor these valiant women. To experience the bravery of Tharu women is a life-changing experience.

If funded, the book will be:

  • 11 “wide x 8.5” tall
  • 144 pages long
  • Printed on 4 color satin paper with German binding

Our goal is to raise $ 10,000 to print 1000 soft cover copies. If we only raise $ 6500, we will print 250 books.


The photographs in this book were taken by Julie Gascon.

Julie Gascon, a graduate of Concordia University, is a multidisciplinary artist using photography as a medium of her craft. As well as being a co-founder and director of Fine Arts Workshops in Montreal, Julie worked for twelve years as an exhibit manager at Trois-Rivieres Quebec’s Folk Art Museum.

Her ability to capture the essence of a person is excellently evident in her pictures of IWEN’s Tharu women.


From the Founder of our Charity, Michelle Bonneau:

In 2009, Deepa’s home is a great place to live and work for a long time. waiting for meet our first group of Tharu women, Deepa, our one and only young ex-bonded staff, was pacing anxiously. few and then by groups of men and women under the tree in silence, waiting.

Eight years later, I sit in a well-ventilated room waiting with about 350 women huddled together on a floor covered with clean mats. The muted voices only add to the expectation that fills the air. Today nineteen women, one of their mother’s group, will stand in front of their peers and their first public speaking event. Public speaking is a challenge for many people. For these Tharu women, who eight years ago could barely look at me, took on the challenge with exuberance and hope today. They spoke, some eloquently, some awkwardly, some giggling, but they did not speak about the importance of education for their daughters. As the audience clapped and nodded heads, soft murmurs rippled the room in quiet agreement.I sat transfixed. Here before me was a hall overflowing with women, who despite all adversities, were in the process of transforming themselves through sheer tenacity. I could not hold back my tears. Most had worked in dishonest their currency was innocent young children. These women were managing with a meager $ 0.13 of their own money to change their lives from a state of power where they were the changemakers.

about us 

Working within the framework of the project. The mission of IWEN is to “facilitate” instead of “give” to allow social and family change of women Tharu.

It was with a contribution of 13 cents by Nepalese women that this great adventure. Using pictures and touching texts, the story of women moving from self-reliance to self-reliance is told.

Be part of the little miracle of 13 cents in contributing to the publication of this book on this extraordinary story of courage and perseverance.

The book 

The story of women is told by their daily life before and after their release. The book will make the world a vibrant world of colors and possibilities.

Once financed, it will be 28 cm by 22 cm, will have 144 pages and will be printed with a 4-color process on satin paper with a German binding.

Our goal is to raise $ 10,000 to print 1000 soft-cover copies. If we only reach $ 6,500, we will print 250 copies.


All photos were taken by Julie Gascon, a graduate of Concordia University. Julie is a multidisciplinary artist who has a choice of photography as a means of expression. Her ease in capturing the very essence of her subjects in tharu women’s photos.


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