Chocolate Side Bag

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Product Description

These UNAKO bags are handmade with sturdy cotton material.  Each bag has a very good interior lining. There are three types. 

The smaller bag has 2 zippers and is very useful for small items. The larger bag has 1 zipper and can be used for a tablet, makeup, electronic wires and for important papers. 

There is also a side purse, which is handy for a passport or for doing a quick outing. You can buy each individually or as a set of 3 depending on your taste and needs.

2-Zipper bag – approximate width is – 6 to 7 inches and length is 5 inches.

1-Zipper bag – approximate width is – 8 to 8.5 inches and length is 6 to 7 inches.

Long side bag – approximate width is – 7 to 8 inches and length is 8 inches with the strap being approximately 22 inches in length.



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