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Hôtesse — Hostess

Identifiez votre hôtesse (si vous en avez une, sinon indiquez PAS D’HÔTESSE) —
Identify your hostess (if you have one, if not choose NO HOSTESS)


Product Description

Beautiful bracelets full of raw, authentic beads.

Bracelets are made with all colours of the beads and are designed to slip over the wrist. 
We will hand select one to send to you. Please indicate if your wrist is Small, Medium or Large.
Unako Jewellery is an ethical initiative of Her International. The beads are made from recycled glass bottles, crushed into a mud mold and hardened by fire. We trained four village women who are now employed to make the beads and jewellery pieces.
Bulk orders available for a discount. Please see our Wholesale Jewellery page.



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