Batik Glorious Rose

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Product Description

An UNAKO scarf is the perfect gift for a close or not so close one, and of course, for your! Each model is a limited edition. By buying this one-of-a-kind scarf, not only will you add an elegant accent to one’s wardrobe, but you also improve the life of a Nepalese Tharu woman. This scarf weaves a link between you and her, reminding us that despite different living conditions, women are all worthy, strong and beautiful. This lovely scarf is proudly hand made by Tharu Women in Dang, Nepal. You will love its originality. 

Fabric is synthetic material. This gorgeous rose and purple soft cotton scarf is a treasure.  It can be worn to accentuate either the rose or purple. It adds life to any outfit and it makes a statement.


The width of this circular scarf is 9 – 10 inches and the length is 34 – 36 inches.



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